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Thread: Grand Theft Auto Iii

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    I've searched over Kazaa and all I get is results of the new Vice City. If anyone has sig2dat links, please post them here.

    P.S.: I've also tried forum Search, but the application doesnt seem to support "search as a whole phrase".

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    try Bittorrent

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    What's that?

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    Sig2dat Kazaa links would really help, if someone could paste them...

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    Originally posted by klite_master@7 September 2003 - 12:08
    Sig2dat Kazaa links would really help, if someone could paste them...
    for sig2dat just google under sig2dat and you will find a bunch

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    don't use kazaa, it'll give u a bunch of shitty corrupt files. annoying. use emule or bittorrent. the torrent for gta3 isos r on

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    BT can too but it rarely happens that's what happen to everyone when I was sharing vice city on kazaa and I got it off of BT.

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    Again, I only ask for sig2dat links, if anyone has them. Thanks.

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    Sorry, there is no full version of GTA3 available on KaZaA, all there is is a rip. TO get the full 2 CD images. I found my copy at But you will need BitTorrent or Shareaza to download it.

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