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Thread: Getting back into it all...

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    Jul 2008
    It's been years since I owned a console or been into any gaming at all. I'm thinking about getting back into it.

    I really only like playing FPS and Racing games/sims ie Grand Turismo NASCAR etc and my favorite of all time was Bond or Rainbow Six (the first ones)


    I assume you need to have a mod to play burned 360 or PS3 games correct?

    What are the mods costing?

    Should I just build a PC?

    PS3 or 360?

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    don't know where
    A pc never gonna be a "game console" PS3 cooo! and if you have a full HD a tv
    you can alsa watch high quality movies

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    360 you flash the DVD drive with your PC, costs 0 to flash.

    PS3 cant be flashed or modded yet, and does not look likely either.

    Gran Turismo you will not be able to get on 360 or PC, it is a PS3 exclusive.

    360 is best for FPS well 360 and PC, PS3 has a couple but nothing to really write home about, even though its still better than the PS2 in that department.

    Personally if i did not have any, I would go for the 360 and flash it.

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    Yep, 360 hands down. Esp. with the recent early releases:
    Fallout 3, Fable 2, Gears of War 2, Saints Row 2, Dead Space, Far Cry 2, Guitar Hero: WT....
    Need a cheap/easy way of modding your xbox? Check this out.


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