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Thread: Meedio

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    Meedio is a very powerful and configurable Home Theatre front-end for your PC.Official releases have since ceased and the official forums abandoned. The vibrant developer community have moved here and the activity has only increased. We now have over 450 freeware plugins for Meedio, as well as numberous other projects.

    Does anybody have experiance with this program?

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    The top PVR choices out there are:

    Linux MCE - House Automation

    Meedio + a few others

    XBMC - now for Linux, Windows, Live-CD, Mac

    MythBuntu - Mythtv live/ custom edition
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    I am looking for someone who can help me with Meedio because I am clueless what I am doing. I also asked few questions there but they didn't anwser me. It seems they don't like noobs

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    I can try to help you with Meedio. I haven't had it installed for a while, but I customized my copy a lot when I did use it.


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