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Thread: Question about Astraweb

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    I have the Astraweb deal and I read their FAQs on their site a while back, but I cannot find what I did then or it has changed but here they are:
    1) Are any download logs kept? If so, is it what you have downloaded or how much you have downloaded or what?
    2) Is there any way that the RIAA, MPAA, ESA can send you a letter by Usenet usage?

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    they have a secure server if ur worried , its the one i use
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    Hellish Blasphemer
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    ESA = European space agency? What do they want from you?

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    No, ESA = Entertainment Software Association

    Yeah I know there is a SSL server, I was just wandering if it was still possible to be watched/tracked. I do not like to upload anything to anywhere, so that is not a concern.

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    i think that is wot you are looking for.

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    Yeah thanks executioner, I don't know how I missed it. But now it is not like I remembered it. It says no logs are kept, except for anonymous server operations logs. So does this mean that no download history is kept?

    It must have been some other Usenet provider's FAQ that I was thinking of.

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    You should really just contact them ask that way you'll get the answer from the horses mouth so to speak. Their customer support is normally very good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mkil5 View Post
    So does this mean that no download history is kept?
    From what I understand, that's exactly right.

    Logs = History

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    Which astraweb "deal" are you referring to? The only deal I see is $39 for unlimited 3 months
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    The deal being referred to is the $11/mth unlimited

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