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Thread: Omniquad Personal Firewall

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    Omniquad Personal Firewall
    This product is available in 2 editions: Freeware and Professional. The Professional edition includes hacker tracing, IP blocking and selective port opening.

    You can purchase Omniquad Personal Firewall Professional for $39, but it is also included as a part of Omniquad Total Security Home buy now for $59

    Omniquad Personal Firewall it keeps your computer shielded from hackers by blocking all unsolicited network connections and traffic to your computer, yet you can browse the web unaffected. In addition to making your computer invisible, it gives you a full control over what programs on your computer gain access to the Internet.

    - 4-level packet filter firewall protection for the local network / dial up/ ASDL and cable modem connections

    - global lock immediately shuts down all net access

    - define & enforce trusted zones

    - alerts for denied network connection attempts

    - real-time network activity indicators

    - 3-level program control intercepting connection attempts by any program on your computer

    - automatic lock shuts down internet access after specified period of inactivity


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    i swear u TRY to spam...or just get alot of post...

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    i swear u TRY to spam...or just get alot of post...
    Why? Is a freeware app,try to search with google Omniquad Personal Firewall and you'll see is good.

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    so is ZA or sygate B)

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    Dont get on his case every one loves it when he gives us links, and evryone knows him so its ok.


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