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Thread: Xp Problem Password

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    K i got windows xp pro. Of course downloaded f *u*c*K* no im not buying that 200 dollar shit. Anywayz i forgot my damn password so i had to use tweakxp to forgo that password stuff but sometimes it goes to that screen so im realyl scared cuz i got all my stuff on one account and if i lose password ...... ANyway to recover it? SOS!!

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    ehhh...xp's sercuruty is pretty good...i recommaned u back-up all ur stuff and do a clean install....

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    try this it has worked for me before all you need is an account without a password like the guest account or admin if that isnt password protected and do what it tells you
    let us know if it works

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    Wow works like a charm any other good stuff?

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    Actually i have another good one u know those "hidden" accounts? How do u make one and how do u use them and how do umake them show up?

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    why not just brute force all your passwords with this little toy

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    well here is a little bit of software that should worknt and xp password software be careful with it takes a little bit of getting used to its in dos like i said be careful let us know if it works for you it worked for me and i have recommended it in another post in the past it worked for that person as well..

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    Next time, write the password down.

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    Originally posted by NightStalker@6 September 2003 - 23:18
    Next time, write the password down.
    that's a good one.....and you could use the "password hint" option when you create your password so that you have something to help you remember your password if you happen to forget it.


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