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Thread: Midnight Club 2 Game Download

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    I downloaded midnight club 2(2 files)....they are named Midnight_Club_2-Razor1911-CD1 and Midnight_Club_2-Razor1911-CD2. I extracted them using winrar and folders CD1 and CD2 come out. In the CD1 folder, there are files "rzr-mc2", "rzr-mc2a.001" --- through--- "rzr-mc2a.057", and a "rzr-mc2a.sfv" file. In the CD2 folder, there are files "---[100%]--[All-files-CRC-OK]--[54-files]--[WarezX]-", "rzr-mc2b.001" --- through --- "rzr-mc2b.054", and a "rzr-mc2b.sfv" file. I know i have to burn these to a cd somehow in order to install and stuff...but i dunno how. Can someone please help me? Please tell me, in a way easy to understand, how to install or play the game... THANK YOU in advance!

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    just unrar the files. SFV files are pointless. just double click 001 and open it with winrar

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    that doesnt do anything...someone please help

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    Do you have winrar installed?

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    i think that that happened to me and someone told me to use BlindWrite Suite to burn it, try that maybe that would help.

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    how do i burn it?? i tried to do load the image file or something but it says an error and wont load...

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    ya install wnirar to extract em.

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    Simply use Nero to burn both cd:s!

    First use cd-mage to check for errors in the image files and then burn them.

    This is the way I have done for all of my games and they all have worked just fine!

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    use deamon tools to mount them
    if you want to burn them use WINISO to extract them then burn


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    k I dl'ed this yesterday and installed it NP with mine and my dads PC so no probs here is it step by step:

    ISO Buster

    A) Open rzr-mc2a.BIN, Press Ctrl + A (To select all) extract to a file on ur desktop
    B) Burn the files that you extracted with nero. Nero > Data, Drag and drop all files that u extracted into nero window and burn

    Grats u got ur 1st CD

    Second CD (CD2)

    A) Open Nero > Data > File > Burn Image > rzr-mc2b.cue

    B) Burn, there ya go u got ya second CD

    its what i did and it worx fine la

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