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Thread: Ncore update

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    Ncore announcement from front page

    "2008-10-24 - Meghívás és törlés"
    Translatation as follows

    Invites and pruning

    Invites are temporarily suspended until further notice. Luckily a large number of people have registered during the era of "cheap invites", so from now on please focus on improving Your ratios (to whom it may concern).
    On 2th November we prune all those with ratio worse than 0.3 (and registered earlier than 2 weeks before)and those who have not logged in for two months. There is one more week left until that deadline, so please (to those concerned) improve Your ratio! Freeleech stays on, this won't be a problem.
    Update: Those with ratio 0 (no download due to freeleech) will not be involved in pruning.
    So for the record: Your ratio has to be: "R" >= 0.3 AND NOT equal with "0".
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    thanks sylar666 for the updates

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    <3 Ncore



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