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Thread: anyone in edmonton or calgary with a TV show collection?

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    I have 3 hard drives that i keep my TV shows on, but due to a robbery i have lost 2 of those hard drives. So my once vast and impressive collection has been reduced to a mere 1TB collection.

    Anyways i was hoping that someone in either Edmonton or Calgary (i'll only be there for 1 week on business) would be willing to copy their TV show collection to a hard drive that i am going to be buying tomorrow. In turn you could also copy my files. They are listed below and are all complete collections and are like 99% .avi

    - King of the Hill
    - South Park
    - 200 GB of various movies
    - The Simpsons
    - The Sopranos
    - Dexter
    - Californication
    - Seinfeld
    - Heroes
    - Aqua Teen Hunger Force

    there are others, but off the top of my head i cannot remember

    also if it matters these are legally copied from DVD's and whatever

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    i'm not a cop, but i never even thought about that since whoever says they are down might be a cop. So never mind i'll just get my stuff off my buddies, it wont have anything new but it'll be safe.

    close topic plz

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    i smell piggy

    I see a fist full of Magic Mushrooms in your avatar , willing to share ?


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