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Thread: Need cheap VPS or will share dedi with someone.

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    Hello, guys, anyone could offer something. Or maybe just an advice. I know you're all talking about OVH right now, but I'm not from FR or GB or anywhere near, so please point me to the right dirrection. Thanks in advance

    Got it... Not very active thread though...
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    They resell OVH servers to those who aren't in the EU.

    Go to and scroll down to the bottom - the "Shared1-4" plans are shared between 2-4 users, you could be paying from 18-37 euros (18=22USD, 37=46USD). It's a decent deal, and OVH are very reliable when it comes to speed and performance.

    Or you could check out . No hard limits. It's invite only, so PM for an invite if you're interested.

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    how much price is seedboxshare

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    $23/month USD

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    No fixed HDD quota .. how does this work ..if i utilize 100gb then the rest of the users will be stuck at 33gb .. Anyways with 4 users wudnt the box be overloaded

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    depends on the box being used but the big question is, is the box a kimi or ovh..


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