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Thread: Cookie problem?

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    Hi guys,

    I seem to have a problem staying logged in for some torrent websites, in particularly, It seems that I have to try and log in multiple times even before I get redirected to the main page. And when I click on browse, I get redirected to the login page again. Even so, after keying in my particulars, I get prompted with the login page again. Sometimes I'll get "logged in", but it seems that every link I click subsequently will redirect me to the login page.

    Any insights? It seems that only a few torrent sites give me this problem, others it's all fine.

    I did a check in my internet options, under cookies, it does show that the HD-bits cookie is present.
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    Change browser, see what happens.

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    Sometimes it's caused by url address - and are different sites for browser, so if you login to and then follow to link, browser will not sent cookies and you will be redirected to login page again


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