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Thread: uTorrent "Queued" help, please?

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    I have been running uTorrent 1.8.1 on an older box and I am shifting to a new one. I redid my router so NATting to the new box, it tests OK and I get the green light.

    I copied all the torrents over and added them all and they are all uploading fine. However any download shows "Queued" indefinitely. As soon as I "Force Start" it it will begin downloading pretty much straight away. If I then "Start" it it will immediately stop downloading. You guessed it, "Force Start" will get it going again.

    I don't do a lot of torrents, so I guess I can force them all, but clearly something's not right. Can anybody give me a hint on where to look, please?


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    well i know under the settings (in non-webui utorrent its UI settings) there's an option to not start downloads automatically. check if that box is checked or not; it could be the problem
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    It might be hitting the limit of concurrent downloads. Try changing 'Maximum amount of active downloads' Its in Preferences > Queuing.
    ^ Yeh, also check to make sure they start downloading automatically
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    Thanks guys, it was the maximum active torrents setting. Can't recall what it was now, but the default must be pretty low. I remembered that I upped it on the old machine a while ago. I set it to 200 as I have about 160 torrents available.

    Appreciate the quick and helpful responses!


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