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Thread: RapidShare/Speed Download Connection HELP!

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    I'm new to RapidShare, and I'm having some connection problems...

    1) I'm on a new aluminum Macbook running OSX Leopard
    2) My ISP is Optimum Online (cable)
    3) My Macbook is connected to the internet via my Motorola 802.11g wireless router
    4) I am using Speed Download v5.0.7
    5) I have a PREMIUM RapidShare account
    6) I have direct downloads enabled
    7) I pre-programmed my RapidShare login info into Speed Download

    I am trying to download a series of 100mb files and I keep encountering the same problem. After a few minutes of downloading files, the transfer rate drops to zero and I lose my internet connection. The only way to regain connection is to leave my wireless network and rejoin it (NOT reset my router or modem... I just click on the Airport icon and click on my network's name). A few seconds later, I have internet back and the download resumes on its own. This happens every few minutes.

    Another problem I'm encountering is that sometimes the 100mb files will say that they completed downloading, but they're only like 9kb in size (which is obviously NOT completed). I have no idea how to stop this from happening.

    Also -- How many simultaneous connections should I have going in Speed Download? Is there a restriction on that?

    Anyone's help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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    Use Flashget... or any other official RS download Manager.

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    Flashget is for PCs, and I'm on a mac.

    Why would it make a difference which download manager I'm using? I am able to enter in my rapidshare login info into Speed Download just fine.

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    if u r on mac then i dont know which Download accelerator is good..
    but if ur mind change to turn on windows...then use IDM..
    one of the best download manager....

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    When your download stalls at 0, are you able to still surf the net? I had the same problem with my Motorola cable modem wireless router when I would download some large files I would lose my connection. In my case it was my cable modem that was going bad.

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    Yes, I lose connection to the internet completely. I've narrowed the problem down to either my new Macbook (where several other have reported similar problems with their new Macbooks), or, based on your comment, my Motorola wireless router. I ordered a new wireless N router and I'll try that out.

    Thanks everyone.


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