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Thread: Bandwith Trouble When Downloading Torrents

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    Maybe I'm not getting this...

    For a while, I've been having bandwith problems whenever I download any torrents. I use Demonoid and I haven't been able to get >100kbp/s or so. EVER. Usually it's in the double digits and very disappointing to say the least.

    Am I doing something wrong? Is there any way to open up the speed?

    - Aluminum Macbook running Transmission
    - Cable internet via Optimum Online
    - My normal internet speeds generally run in the 1.5mb/s range

    Thoughts, anyone??

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    I have same client/isp and see much better speeds daily on private sites. However, lately I've noticed my speeds dropping off after hours of running several torrents. I am thinking maybe it is Transmission, but I really don't know. I think its very possible that you are downloading for faraway peers with slow upload speeds when using Demonoid. If you try a fast, private site, if you can, I bet you'll see much better speeds. Or try a very well seeded torrent on Demonoid. If that doesn't work, you may have to contact Optimum to see if you've been throttled after they were notified about torrent use.

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    Its demonoid bro go get in some private sites and you will see much better speeds. Everyone caps their speeds on demonoid

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    How do I get into private sites? I thought Demonoid is private...
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    you need invite for that
    wait untill you can enter the giveaway/req section
    thank you S', you're realy good friend and I will never forget it.
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    How do I get into private sites? I thought Demonoid is private...
    at the begining
    I also thought that it was privite but with no raito updating it seems to be public tracker
    I think I almost seed 50-100GB, but still, my ratio changed just a litle bit. It is really huge but I hope that they make it live.
    anyway, you can try torrentbytes instead, I'm sure you will use full of your bandwith

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    What about direct download ? i'm sure you should have a lot more speed .. anyway .. i really don't see demonoid as a private tracker it keeps getting slower... HyQuality give it a try at and see if your having any problem with your donwstream ..

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    demonoid is not a private tracker its basically as public as you can get... people throw those demonoid codes around to any moron who wants them

    sign up for a REAL tracker... and you will see the speeds... aim low go for something like SCC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raban View Post
    aim low go for something like SCC
    Hell even IPT should suit him


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