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Thread: NZB Dogz

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    Quote Originally Posted by email
    dear dogz member,

    it would appear that at some time today our database has been hacked and, unfortunately, the
    email addresses of all users have been obtained by someone not connected with the dogz who
    has since sent out a mass email to all members about a new wonderful nzb site.

    I would like to stress that this site is in no way connected to the dogz and we cannot be sure of
    what content is held on this site or it is even safe. I would assume by the unscrupulous method u
    sed to obtain the email database that this site can only be dubious and may contain viruses trojans etc.

    I would strongly suggest that you ignore and delete any further emails you receive. I cannot
    reccommend that you visit this site and we cannot be held responsible for what happens if you do
    follow the links. You can be assured that we are doing all we can to find out what is going on and
    i will keep you updated as and when i know anything.

    Unfortunately we may have to take the dogz offline for a short time so we can check and resecure the

    Please be aware the dogz is not moving, the url will remain valid, do not be fooled by anyone telling
    you otherwise! The only change we may make is to revert back to our original url;
    I will notify you if this change takes place so that you can update your bookmarks.
    Please check the announcements section of the forum for further updates.

    Once again i apologise for any inconvenience and normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

    Yours faithfully,

    mr black.

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    Thanks for the heads up

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    Oh well...

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    epic pwn

    Thats what nzb magic is for lol, although nzb dogz had a much wider content.


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