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Thread: Hdd Chage Please Help.

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    Ok i redid my comp and put xp pro back on for some reason it thinks that theres two hard drives but theres only one. Thats ok but the real one teh one that works is labeled d:/ it needs to be c:/ how can i change it.

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    don't. It's safer as d: from any virus written to infect c:

    If it works and all your space is correct, leave it.

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    Here is my advice for you and you may not like it.

    If you use your computer a lot and your moods are associated with its performance and reliability, then you should really reinstall the OS all over again and delete the second partition altogther. Format using NTFS and create a 6 GB partition for your OS and most frequently used application and game or games (watch out there because games can take over a gig...)

    For optimal performance of Windows XP, you should follow:

    Tweakhound's Guide

    "There is often more than one way to do things "the right way". Installing and setting up an operating system is no exception to this. This guide is based on my experience working with XP since RC1, doing more custom installations than I can count, and interaction/discussion with other geeks. I have found this method to offer the best results for performance, stability, and error free installation..."

    If you install it following his guidelines exactly, you will be stoked. Be sure to follow it exactly...

    Your friend... B)

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    No it for some reson thinks that there a FAT Hard drive (c:/) and a NTFS (d:/). Nothing is on c:/ and it has no inprtance to me. The real problem is that program like magicboot dont install on d:/ only c:/. Also some games dont want to becuase it want to automaticaly load on c:/. What i think is that the boot information is on the c:/ and everything else is on the d:/ becuse theres a little differance of like 10 mb in them becuse they are the same hard drive. I dont know i gusse i can deal or just redo the whole thing. What do you think i should do.

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    6 GB for Windows and your favorite applications...

    It really depends on the size of your disk (s) about the rest of your partitions...

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    A clean install would be best deleting all partitions and full ntfs format but you could try this.... in xp go to control panel and then performance and maintanance>administrative tools>computer management and in left hand pane go to disk management and try and delete the unwanted partition from there. BACK UP YA DATA FIRST THOUGH! when you reboot go back to disk management and see whats what, it should have renamed d: to c:, if not if you right click on a disk it will give you options of what you can do. the main issues you are likely to get are location of program installation folders etc still being as d: but that will now be ya cdrom drive! so if you got norton systemworks run it and it should correct the registry errors. you could just right click and take the drive offline first and see what happens. if it f**ks up hit f8 on reboot and select last known good to put things back as they was. you can also convert a fat32 drive to ntfs in xp like this

    Open Command Prompt. in the run box type cmd or click Start, All Programs, Accessories, and then click Command Prompt.

    In the command prompt window, type
    convert drive_letter: /fs:ntfs (drive_letter being the drive you want to convert ie c: in your case)

    For example, typing convert C: /fs:ntfs would format/convert drive C: with the ntfs format.

    You can convert FAT or FAT32 volumes to NTFS with this command. it may not let you do this as drive D: is already ntfs.


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