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Thread: Bins & Cues

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    I have the bins and cues for grand theft auto vice city. Now what? How do i burn them to a cd? What program do i need? And how can i tell they aren't corrupted before i waste a cd?

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    (the page linked to in my sig)


    (a pinned topic by balamm) if you are set on using nero.

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    use alcohol 120% to burn them or NERO burning rom, and i dont think you can tell if theyre corrupt or not, try mounting the image to alcohols virtual drive (but i guess the fact that you asked how to burn means you dont know what that means) read up on alcohols website, its really easy once you know what your looking for

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    Hey if a cd image has 2 bins and cues, do i need to burn it on 2 different cds?

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    open Nero and choose 'new'
    then choose disc 1 of game, then click on 'file' top left corner of Nero,
    then choose 'Burn image' then make sure you choose 'cue' image of disc 1!
    It should then burn automatically onto a disc!
    repeat this on disc 2 obviously choose disc 2 'cue'!!!
    then it should work like normal game although u may need a 'crack'!
    but search forum to find out all this and more!


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