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Thread: fastest dvd to avi and avi to dvd converter

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    Ok getting answers here lately is hard so will do it the hard way. What i want is the fastest dvd to avi and avi to dvd converter. dont mention autogk cant workout how to use it. Have heaps of movies that dont run on my dvd player as there ntsc and i need pal. I will be making copy in avi and dvd format.
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    So do you have ntsc dvd's and want to make pal dvd's?

    I know 1clickdvdcopy removes the regional protection from pal to ntsc, I assume it would work the other way round and the copy would be region free. That way you can do a direct dvd to dvd copy without having to convert to avi first. All I can say is it's worth a try.

    you will need dvd43 working in conjunction to remove copy protection.

    Some older dvd players may have trouble playing copied dvds or might even have trouble depending if the media is +or-. If that's the case then direct dvd copying may not be right for you and I appoligize for taking up your time.

    As for converting AVI to dvd or dvd to AVI or dvd to dvd it's not so much which program you use but the resources you have on your PC that determine the process speed.
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