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Thread: Emule Plus 1.g Or Emule 30.a

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    Which one of these better to use?

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    Can't Say...
    I use Shareaza for the eMule stuff myself.

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    I use Shareaza for the eMule stuff myself.
    I don't like beta's ,i use EMULE30.a and have nice speeds.

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    eMule Plus has a nicer interface than eMule, but I found I could barely connect to eDonkey2000 with eMule Plus, but Shareaza's the best of the three.

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    Yup, a great GUI and Interface...

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    I would recommend the MorphNext mod of eMule.

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    I would recommend the MorphNext mod of eMule.

    Changelog for eMule 29c MorphNext 1c
    ADDED: New anti-Credit hack function which count each change of userhash, at 2 changes or more the user is banned. Modified from xrmb function [IceCream]
    ADDED: Acurate Time Remaning in the Download Window from Khaos [SiRoB]
    ADDED: Show Compression in Uploading List by Tarod from Khoas [SiRoB]
    ADDED: Low ID Retries from SlugFiller [Yun.SF3]
    ADDED: Option to disable the Chunk Avaibility control for the upload slot, usefull in certain release case [IceCream]
    ADDED: Some change to avoid loss of source when limit of connection are reseached [SiRoB]
    ADDED: Smart Source Request from Khaos [Yun.SF3]
    ADDED: New option to copy an automatic feedback in your own langage or in english [IceCream]
    ADDED: Feature to view the requested file list is now also available for the friend list [IceCream]
    ADDED: A button to manually check disk space [Yun.SF3]
    ADDED: FakeCheck, FakeReport and auto-updating of the fake list (please report fakes&#33 Thanks to for mirroring [milobac]
    ADDED: Reload Shared Files is now accessible in systray [SiRoB]
    ADDED: Upload Speed Sense (USS) from ZZ Patch 20030816-2103 [SiRoB]
    FIXED: A memory leak caused the number of unsecured in stats to be shown incorrectly [IceCream]
    FIXED: Crash error can appears in some case with the socket, by Maella [IceCream]
    FIXED: Improve the readability of the percent in progress bar [IceCream]
    FIXED: Download Speed for client & file are now corrected when it was near the speed limit (Changed ZZ Patch Code) [SiRoB]
    FIXED: Now A4AF source item in downloadList should be right & counter ok [SiRoB]
    FIXED: Added the doubleLucas feature from SlugFiller, checks to startup timer so that if the controls aren't yet initialized it waits for another timer cycle [IceCream]
    FIXED: Update the Spread Bar from SlugFiller [IceCream]
    TWEAKED: Reduce CPU consumption on Spread Bar [SiRoB]
    TWEAKED: Reduce CPU consumption on Shared Status Bar [SiRoB]
    TWEAKED: Reduce CPU consumption on Progress Bar [SiRoB]
    TWEAKED: Reduce CPU consumption on percentage status, by SlugFiller [IceCream]
    CHANGED: Upgrade A4AF to Khaos v15 [SiRoB]
    CHANGED: Upgrade CATEGORIE to Khaos v15 [SiRoB]
    CHANGED: Some Fix From Latest ZZ Patch 20030807-1911 [SiRoB]
    CHANGED: No more default comment-icon to be available to check when a file have a no rating-comment [IceCream]
    CHANGED: Because of the new anti-credit hack feature implemented, we now re-count the credit for the unsecured eMule users when you active this option [IceCream]
    CHANGED: Trickle slot is based on packet of 1300 bytes like in official (Changed ZZ Patch Code) [SiRoB]
    CHANGED: We have combined the official download ratio and ZZ ratio ul:dl. So now, when you upload more than 10Ko/s you will have no download limitation
    in all possibility (SUC/USS/NORMAL), if you upload less than 10Ko/s the ZZ ratio system will be used (so 1:4 for your ul:dl ratio). [SiRoB/IceCream]

    Changelog for eMule 29c MorphNext 1b
    ADDED: Quick add of an option to display percentage in progress bar by HoaX_69 [IceCream]
    FIXED: Some problem with the sort on the status column [IceCream]
    FIXED: Less agressive counter measure for leecher in some specific case [IceCream]
    FIXED: Preview problem on some computer [SiRoB]
    FIXED: Incorrect calculation of the Queuesize - Thx to ZZ [IceCream]
    FIXED: Counter for FilteredIP Statistic is now too those on client source exchange and server source exchange [SiRoB]
    FIXED: Credits are now counted also for valid no-emule users (no edonkey faker for exemple) [IceCream]
    FIXED: Boost friends only work now friend on eMule secured or others softwares [IceCream]
    FIXED: The Check for super-compressed block is now more safe [IceCream]
    CHANGED: The funnynick feature show now [FunnyNick] instead of [MorphNick] to avoid some question about a maybe community sharing [IceCream]
    NOTES: MorphNext 1b is more an hotfixed version of the 1a than a new release

    Changelog for eMule 29c MorphNext 1a
    FIXED: Some little fix/tweaks [IceCream/SiRoB]
    NOTES: The final version of the MorphNext Beta stage ! Thx to all of the beta-testers !

    Changelog for eMule 29c MorphNext Beta15
    ADDED: Option to Boost Friends (x1.5) [Yun.SF3]
    ADDED: Option to use official or ZZ ratio system [Yun.SF3]
    ADDED: Option to Boost the less uploaded files of the session [Yun.SF3]
    ADDED: Show complete user-hash in the my info window (near the server tab) [IceCream]
    ADDED: New management of the rating icons with 5 differents icons (eMule PLUS rating icons) [IceCream]
    ADDED: The system icons (avi, mp3, rar ...) are now shown in the download list like in the shared list [IceCream]
    TWEAKED: Second step in the preview of Music file [IceCream]
    TWEAKED: SpreadBar Optimisation [SiRoB]
    CHANGED: New Scope Statistic [SiRoB]

    Changelog for eMule 29c MorphNext Beta14
    ADDED: Update ipfilter.dat [Yun.SF3]
    FIXED: Some bugfix in the shared file list [IceCream/SiRoB]
    FIXED: Informations "Lost to Corruption" and "Gained by compression" in file details are now right for new file [SiRoB]
    FIXED: Correted the A4AF counter per file [SiRoB]
    FIXED: Corrected some information in the auto/quick feedback feature [IceCream]
    CHANGED: Credit system, more strong and only for secured clients [Yun.SF3]
    CHANGED: SUC Default Setting to (900/600/3000/50) [Yun.SF3/SiRoB]

    Changelog for eMule 29c MorphNext Beta12
    ADDED: Latest ZZ Patch 20030724-0336 [SiRoB]
    ADDED: Added the auto/quick feedback feature, available by a right click on a file ine the download list [IceCream]
    FIXED: Improved leecher detection with double-check, before enter in queue and before enter in upload slot [IceCream]
    FIXED: Some others little fix/tweaks [IceCream/SiRoB]
    CHANGED: Updated the Leecher/Spammer mod list [IceCream]

    Changelog for eMule 29c MorphNext Beta11
    ADDED: Boost for the less uploaded files [Yun.SF3]
    ADDED: ReAsk Server for new Sources [Yun.SF3]
    ADDED: Storing ED2K link in Save Source files, To recover corrupted met by skynetman [IceCream]
    ADDED: Added the option to change the eMule process to high priority, usefull if you use heavy softwares or games during eMule session [IceCream]
    FIXED: Added title for the new column in the server list [IceCream]
    FIXED: First try to avoid the "eMule:an invalid argument was encountered" bug [IceCream]
    FIXED: Hotfix by HoaX_69 to avoid the double hash of a file in the share list [IceCream]
    FIXED: Hotfix by Maella about Failed Upload Session Count [IceCream]
    CHANGED: Complete source count feature v0.06 to v0.06a by zegzav [Yun.SF3]
    CHANGED: Credit System always activated [SiRoB]
    CHANGED: Enchanced Systray Popup [SiRoB]

    Changelog for eMule 29c MorphNext Beta10
    ADDED: Remote Status in UploadListCtrl [Yun.SF3]
    ADDED: Total Upload/Download from LSD [Yun.SF3]
    ADDED: Requested Files From Sivka [Yun.SF3]
    ADDED: Saving of multisorting parameters [Yun.SF3]
    ADDED: A4AF counter per user, ahead of user nickname From Sivka [IceCream]
    ADDED: A4AF counter per file, in the sources column From Sivka [IceCream]
    ADDED: A4AF filenames, shown in status column From Sivka [IceCream]
    FIXED: Several bug that cause a problem during the connection to a server [IceCream]
    FIXED: Remanage the A4AF by Khaos to be compatible with the A4AF counter by Sivka [IceCream]
    FIXED: Implementation of Latest ZZ patch 20030718-2005 [SiRoB]
    FIXED: ED2K link with source Khaos v14.6 Tempory Patch [SiRoB]
    FIXED: Defeat 0-filled Part Senders log message is now more understandable [IceCream]
    CHANGED: SUC start with middle range(i.e.:[min+max]/2) [SiRoB]
    CHANGED: The min up for the SUC is now 2 in systray too [IceCream]
    CHANGED: Update of the Defeat 0-filled Part Senders From Maella [IceCream]

    eMule Features :

    Allow Multiple Instances of Emule
    Allow W.Queue Overflow
    Ask4AnotherFile (A4AF)
    AUBWC 'Automatic Bandwidth Controll'
    AutoHL Timer
    BlackList Problem
    Check Disk Space
    Dateipuffer Grösse
    Defeat 0-filled Part Senders
    Disable source exchanging
    Dynamic Upload
    eXtended Upload
    Funny Nicks
    HashThief Protection
    Hide Overshares
    Infinite Queue
    max Active Downloads
    Max. allowed QR
    max. neue Verbindungen pro 5 Sek.
    Max. Uploadslots
    MIN% <= MAX% dropping NNS
    NNS FQS HQRS AutoHL Timer
    Reconnect on LowID
    Release Prio.
    SUC (Smart Upload Control)
    UL Slot Shaping

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    ha ha ha all that and he forgets the link

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    ha ha ha all that and he forgets the link

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    Thanks For All That Info Guys

    Cheers SH&#33; Il Try That Now

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