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Thread: High speed and anonymity?

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    I'd like to know if there's a popular file-sharing technology/service that provides high download speed and anonymity. Something in the lines of Rapidshare, but with a nice advanced search-engine and user comments/votes. Other than that, do ISPs know what you're doing when you download from Rapidshare? Is there a Rapidshare equivalent that encrypts and renames files?

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    I dont know about the high speed animinity, but i think the ISPs have to give you some privacy on what you download by law..

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    Actually, in my country, ISP are forced to monitor certain activity patterns and to report users if they use P2P. I've seen on TV some people using popular P2P applications and the police entering their house and taking the computers away. This is the law here

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    Hmm, do you know how they do investigations?
    what country is that if you have possibility to tell

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    The country is France and they are about to vote a new law to increase the fine. Culprits have also their connection cut when cought. I suspect local authorities share illegal files to see which of their citizen are going to bite. As soon as you download/share illegal stuff, they know your IP address. Then they only have to ask the ISP the name/address of the culprit.

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    It doesnt have fancy user comments, but newsgroups are always fast and secure. I suggest you look into that.
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    Thanks. I used Usenet a few years ago to download MP3s, but the problems are poor search feature, and it's paid now for binary newsgroups

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    Well, if you use an actual NZB site(instead of downloading headers in your client) then you get a good search engine and user comments on releases. Check out NzbsrUs New User. It's a really good nzb indexing site, and the community there is pretty active. There are many other NZB indexing sites too.

    Yes, you do have to pay for binary download. But for the guaranteed and the security it's more than worth it.

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    Thanks, I had a look at NZBsRus, but I didn't find what I'm looking for... But I'll keep it in my bookmarks, as I like the concept

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    NewsServer (usenet) is fast and secure with SSL. Great deal with Astraweb right now ($11/mth unlimited, see banner at the top of this page). There are many search sites like newzleech and binsearch take a look at the following link for a list.

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