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Thread: TL Giveaway...Sorta!

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    I just received this reliable information...Not a joke! I'm already a member so I can't check myself...

    Signups for TorrentLeech are closed at the moment, and available only with an invitation.

    FOR JUST LIMITED PERIOD OF TIME,COME IN OUR IRC: channel #torrentleech and grab a free invite Ask politely,and leave your email.

    Have fun!
    I have possibly just hooked a shitload of you up...Here is how the bogus people get weeded out...Every noob there starts out with a 48 hour wait time on torrents...Therefore only the smart survive.

    This is not an open sign-up and therefore is not posted there...You are getting an invite...Therefore, I have posted it here.

    For those that get in I would appreciate a Rep!

    And for those that don't know...I'm a bad MoFo! Now you know!

    Edit: Bummer...Now I just got this info...

    Update: Closed
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