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    i've only been using kazaa for bout two months, but bout a month ago, i downloaded 3D HOME ARCHITECT and some screensavers, then had to do a restore. now it's my own fault for bein a dumbass and not copyin them before, but now when i search for software, i can't find anything , where as before i could find everything. the only thing i've been able to find now is like 5 or 6 autocad files, none of which i can download. might this have anything to do with my participation level? i share every thing i have.

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    I doubt it has anything to do with your participation level. As far as the not being able to find files try cliking auto search more box and let it sit till something comes up. It should eventually.

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    just ran a search and found about 50 sources for the file within 2 minutes.
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    this is the best way to search for software, say you want xp, search with everything and look for microsoft and you are good to go, otherwise jump supernodes and in hope of new sources


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