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Thread: Most hardcore traders are from Egypt and India?

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    I've seen lots of traders,really hardcore traders who are harvesting lots of high level accs.And they are mainlt from Egypt and India. What are the aims of them?I mean,I know some guys who has 4 U*-* accs or more than 2 E**** accs .And why these countries have lots of traders?

    PS:I am not trying to be racist or something worst,I just want your opinions....

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    i don't understand why anybody would have muliple accounts on the same site... There aim, probably cheating

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    ht reason for multiple sites is pretty obvious more "trading currency" for other more elite sites that might pop up all the sudden. As for the majority of trader being Egyptian or Indian i think yo just have met a large number of them all the sudden trading is done by people from all over the place just a coincidence

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    1 billion people , 100+ torrent sites , a very good amount of users..

    yeah from India may be more both traders and non traders

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    don't forget to add the chinese in there.

    egypt is by far the country with most traders and cheaters, seconded by china.

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    don't know where
    Quote Originally Posted by RD22S View Post
    i don't understand why anybody would have muliple accounts on the same site... There aim, probably cheating
    cheating and mostly for trading(selling) and a little for secure

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    India? R u sure?
    I barely meet ppl who are interested in torrents in most of the Top Indian forums .. Forget abt them being traders most of them are not even interested in torrents/p2p ..
    This is majorly because of the fact that even till now most of the indians have 128 kbps internet connection ..Most of the ppl whom i get into pvt trackers leave as they find it tough to sustain a healthy ratio ..
    In india most of the users prefer Rapidshare and swear by it .. Chk the web if u can find any high profile indian file sharing sites ..
    Bty do u have any fuckin facts to support your statement ..
    You very well knw before posting that this would be a very controversial topic and yet you choose to post this shit ..
    If u r not trying to be a Racist and what r ur intentions of making a thread like this ?
    How the fuck would anyones opinion matter here and more importantly why the fuck would you want to knw other pls opinion?
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    dunno about traders... But many people in India are getting to know about seedboxes and are finally able to afford them...

    This is making many people try to get into private trackers by looking for invites.

    I am from India and none of my friends have dupe accounts or cheat...

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    india lol

    thts the fnniest most of them dont even know at torrents and they knew they r just members of open signup trackers lol

    only few advanced Indain BT users r avaibale currently

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    It's probably because India and Egypt in particular is also "hardcore" invite/account sellers...
    What.CD Administrator

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