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Thread: [REQ] waffles/blackcats

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    i need waffles or blackcats please

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    good luck man, because you are gonna need it with a request like that, without any usefull info about your behavour in trackers(ratio proofs) etc
    ..::Wishing for an SeedBox access::..

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    You will never ever get any invites with that Req.....never ever..never. That req seems that you dont want any invite at all. Do you understand what I mean. Maybe it has somthing with age or somthing simulare. Do you know what. That req piss me so fucking much..I used almost 6-7 months before i got BCG and I wrote around..long long letters with 20-30 sentens why I wonted it so bad.And I cried and cried that day i got the invitation.. And when you also ask for 2 at the same time...klwggdv..fuck..I need a sigaret. PM if you want and I can tell you how you shell write a good desent Req. PS..Sorry for my bad english this time, but I wrote this in anger.

    Quote Originally Posted by shabrega View Post
    i need waffles or blackcats please


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