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Thread: Storage Of Files On Line

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    Hello folks
    Hope you are all well and happy.
    I wonder if you can help this old dinosaur again.You usually come up trumps.
    I am running a 10 gb laptop with broadband internet access.
    If I had 5gbs of files on my hard drive that I wished to continue to share with the community but I wanted to clear out my hard drive to do some maintenance and housekeeping what advice could you give me. And forgive me if I ask for clarification on certain terms in your answer but I am a relative learner.
    I have checked out on line storage possibilities but I can only find trial offers that have 100 mbs on offer.
    1) I need to know if I do find a place that will store as much as i wish will I still be able to share those files with people on kazaa Lite and how do I go about that?

    2) And If that is not a viable possibility then do I have to delete all of those files,which I notice people constantly downloading, and start again?
    Seems a shame to do that .
    Or can anybody make any suggestions please.
    I hope I have explained myself well enough without compromising any regs.
    I cant afford a new bigger hard drive at the mo
    Cheers for now

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    do you have a cd burner?
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    Yeah u can just bak them up on cd if u have a cd burner and the once your finished with the maintence just place them back on the comp.

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    Sadly not as yet

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    i would suggest getting a cheap external cd burner.. its the only thing i can think of. Web hosting is not worth it..
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    yes get an external drive that way you can still share and have you hd clean, they run i think from like 50 or 60&#036; on up and they start at 80gigs

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    As ever your help is much appreciated
    Thankyou :beerchug:

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    at bestbuy you casn find them from 20 gigs going on up. should run you 39 bucks plus tax and higher for bigger drives. that&#39;s assuming their doing a rebate sale otherwise it might be 59 bucks and up.


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