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Thread: Need Help

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    well..i looked through this frum and didnt find anything about it..not in the FAQ and not in the topics and I admit I am a blonde at times.but how do i copy and burn a audio bcd from an original audio cd?

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    get cdclone.
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    what do u mean by audio bcd? i find it really easy using easy cd creator 5 or nero

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    He probably meant cd just spelled it wrong.

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    yup.sorry meeant cd..i tried nero and it only lets me make the image..cant figure nero out..have stomp record now and that wont let me..i am at an end..thanks fopr the tip with cd clone..will try and get it and use it..and if that wont work i will try easy cd creater once i find that one..thanks..I let ya know how it goes

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    o man this sux..i got me clonecd..did everything according to the instructions..took me about 10 tries till it finally burnt onto cd but now i got no sound..still waiting on easy to finish i blonde or is this all just too hard to do.Maybe an easier way?like converting to mp3 or sumthing first?i would appreciate any help

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    umm, nero gives you the option of making an audio OR data disc. all you have to do to burn a cd is choose audio and drag and drop and press burn


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