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Thread: How Much

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    ok i got this laptop, im not gonna lie its not in the best shape, but its good...

    p3 600mhz
    128mb mem
    14inch tft sscreen
    vga port
    line in/out port
    dockin station port
    tv-out port
    8mb video mem
    2 pcmcia slots

    now the bad stuff
    it looks like a few pixals busted
    the power port messes up by u needin to jiggy it to make it work
    and no hdd....well it has a 18gb but the lappy dropped and doesnt not boot to windows, alltho it turns on

    i have paypal and will sell if offered

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    if i were to buy it, prob no more than $200. maybe even less. sory, but ur laptop is a little busted up. and it's pretty old too.

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    its a toshiba tecra 8100
    cd-rom and floppy (swabble) the floppy has a caddy that plugs into the lappy so both can run...
    infered port
    56k modem

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    IMO you should be happy if you even get $200 for it. The problem is that you cant use it right away but have to do a bit of maintance to get it to run(if I understood your post correct )

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    Ebay's probably the best place to sell something liek this.

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    Why don't you fix it before trying to sell it. People don't like to buy anything that,s not in working order.

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    Unless it's in good working condition you're gonna have a hard time selling it. Might as well just put it in the closet.

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    Yeah, umm, you would be shelling out probably 80 for a slim laptop HDD, seeing as how its probably shot. Then of course, there would be the whole bit of installing and getting it back together.

    I dont care how many of us are DIY's, laptops are an entirely different story from making desktops.

    Also, "it doesnt boot to windows, but all else works"


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    ehhh, i think the hdds shot, if i proved it runs windows, would any1 buy it?

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