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Thread: Looking for topsite access.

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    Hello everyone, I am in very big necessity of getting associated on some topsite FTP access. If there is anyone who barely knows his friend who can get me a leech slot, or however yourself can get me one, I would really like to contact you and stay in touch, over whichever instant messenger, or just email at which you're active. I am willing to pay money, so please don't hesitate to pm me. Also, I would like to request really polite all the cynics out there, to please not give useless replies with declining.

    Salute, akwrz.

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    I'm always surprised how easy it is for newbz to get topsite-axx when waving a shitload of bills on a public board ...
    Can you feel the LOVE

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    I don't think it's real 'topsite-axx'. Media is copiable fast, so if you are 4th in the chain you can still have good pre times. And I guess down the road ideals get thawed by things like money. If you have some sort of connection you could run a pay2leech server and make profits, or you just hack someone's server and rent this to paying users.


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