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Thread: My impression (or the lack there of) with

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    Just want to share my experience with vectorial. After reading few posts about I decided to go for it. Initially, I though about host-IE. However, Iím just afraid to have to wait a month for my server to arrive. Since I will not use the bandwidth that much, 2.5TB a month seems to be ok. In addition, there is no setup fee compared to 70-80 euro on hose-IE. So itís cheaper.

    So I went ahead to order the "Renacu" package with free win2003 for $75/m over the weekend. However, it was listed under preorder status which I thought shoud't take too long. Unfortunately, almost a week has passed and my server is still pending. I send a support ticket asking when will my server be ready. The response was canít tell kind of thing. I wait few more days and sent another ticket. This time they just closed my ticket without any responses!

    Should I raise my case with Paypal? Will I ever get my money back? For my budget range it seems to be difficult to get a server which allows torrent. I used to have an account with The speed was good but the customer service their was horrible. The guy would answer your support ticket as shot as possible.

    Any suggestions? Should I wait? Or just go ahead and raise the case with paypal & go sign up with host-ie and wait another month?


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    If I was you I would raise the case with PayPal. It may take about a month for the entire thing to resolve, and there is a possibility it may not even end in your favor.

    But if the money isn't that big of a gamechanger for you, raise the dispute and in the mean time, try asking around for a cheaper OVH box. hosting-ie has equally bad customer service, but if "slayer2005", a user here, is selling any ovh boxes I'd get one from him; excellent support, excellent customer service, and cheaper than

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    thanks for the info. I'll give them until this weekend

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    Why order a server that they dont have ready ?

    You should have asked the support before you did order that server.

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    So you preordered a server without realizing it and you blame the company for a delay? LOL


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    Yes I knew it's a preorder but did't realize that it will take forever to set it up. This is not a new software preorder. It's a P4 server not sure why do I have to wait that long. The reason I ordered it because free win2003 and +500GB bandwidth. It's much cheaper compared with the ready server. So make sense? I don't know may be this plan is too popular so they pull it out already.

    Anyway I raised my case with Paypal and got full refund within a day. Not so bad. Goodluck to anyone looking to use their service.
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