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Thread: A little request remainder

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    I have seen so many requests and posts from persons who are asking to get invites to trackers around. And I feel that 95% of those requests are waste of time. Request like “Please invite me to A, I wanted so badly “or “Can someone invite me to B. I am a good user and I will use it”. I believe treads like that is waste of people’s time. I believe that no one wants to invite you because you don’t separate you selves from many other tread in FLS. And finally, those treads don’t tell us who YOU really are. I will explain later, elements I look after in a request, but first some simple rules.
    PS: Remember: This is my rules. Many others here in FST can have different rules.

    You have to have a clean history:

    1.I will not find a post there you have traded. Why? It’s a simple answer to that: I will invite a person who has worked hard for their other trackers with uploading, downloading etc., and not got their other trackers true trading. Trading is an easy thing to do, but in my eyes the worst thing you can do in this “world”. I will also be afraid to invite you because maybe you will destroy my acc as well. If you trade away the invite I give you I can be kicked out as well.

    2.Don’t have too many requests in the same month: It’s not good if you are requesting one day there you are asking and bagging after one tracker and the next day you are bagging for another one. If you do so, I feel you are lying.

    3.You shouldn’t have” too many” similar trackers. With similar I mean trackers with almost the same content, speed and forums. I also believe that too many trackers will destroy the commitment you have to the inviter, the tracker rules etc.

    Elements I am looking for in a request:
    I like to know where you coming from, your age and how long you have been in this “business”. I will also here little bit about witch tracker you are member of today and why you are member of those specific trackers. (Is it the content, the speed, the forum?) And finally, why you want to be a part of the tracker you are requesting right now. What is it about the tracker you want that you can’t find on any other tracker you have in your list?

    I hope someone of you who had time to read this tread, are agreed to little bit of what I have written here.

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    Thx for this reminder ... I think it is good you have some rules made up for yourself to invite people ... but I believe you should invite people you actually get to know; here or on other trackers.

    GA's to complete strangers are always a risk. But I must admit people like you have put their trust in me, without knowing me, so I'm still gratefull they exist.

    Good luck picking the right ones!
    Can you feel the LOVE

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    Propably it won't help my request but
    what about giving away alot of invites here in public? Can trust a user with alot of giveaway threads?
    We make a living by what we get,
    we make a life by what we give

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    One thing not many people think to ask, but that I do, especially if someone says they want to be a part of a 'community' is to simply ask them how many forum posts they have on a couple of tracker forums or forums (FST doesn't count for me). If they truly are a 'community person' they will either be active in the forums or on irc, either of which is easy to check, but so often I get silence when I ask this question


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    good reminder.!

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    in my igloo Canada
    another thing worth mentioning is to not hang a member out to dry because he or she made 1 trade in beginning of there time here at FST.
    people make mistakes and then correct them.
    i have invited many people with supposed clean historys, without a trade to there name and my acc. was disabled anyway because they cheated.
    i hope to enjoy my stay here at FST as i have liked it so far but please do not see me as a bad member because i would never put anyones acc. in jeopardy ever period!

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    don't know where
    Well, many ppl coming FST just for invite so there is too much invite request.
    Members are greedly at the begining so just wanna have how much he/she can get.
    and just a little reminder from me;Invite ppl who you know cuz too much ppl requesting invite for trading at another username and forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedRansom View Post
    Well, many ppl coming FST just for invite so there is too much invite request.
    Agreed. Maybe it would help if you had to be a member longer and/or have a certain level of participation in order to get access to the invite sections. Not sure that would help or would be a good idea, just a thought.

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    Well said Odin
    RIP Swebits <3

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    Nice Said atleast people who read wont spam the threads

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