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Thread: hosting-ie/other questions

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    hi. due to ovh capping i'm thinking about trying hosting-ie but i have a few questions before i buy due to the high setup fee. help with any of the questions is very appreciated. btw i'm a noob (hence some of the noob questions).

    1. does ' 2x100Mbit' mean i can dl/up at 200mbit or is there another meaning?

    2. same as above. is '2x160' 320gb or partitioned or something?

    3. which is better for torrenting, Intel P4 3.0 GHz or Core2 Duo 2x2,0?

    4. what is the expected setup time for a dedicated server? i've read people complaining about it taking months to setup?

    5. when choosing an OS, they give me the option of Linux Debian 3.1 FREE or Debian Latest FREE. is 'Debian Latest FREE' Debian 4.0?

    6. if i decide to upgrade to a gbit server in the future will they charge another setup fee or just the difference?

    server i'm interested in, running Debian..

    Dedicated Rabtor Pro Lin 577-1

    Intel P4 3.0 GHz or Core2 Duo 2x2,0
    2x160 GB of HDD disk (Raid optional)
    2 GB of RAM
    Traffic-Unlimited (guaranteed)
    2x100Mbit Switch Port
    KVN (Obtional) NEW
    PLESK 8 (obtional)
    Remote Reset Obtion
    Operation System*
    Monthly Payment
    89 € Setup Fee
    55 € Per Month

    thanks for any help
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    2x100 Mbit means it have 2 network cards i think. If thats the case its hard to make them work togetter in one program as utorrent for expl

    2. They will come as 2 diffrent drives. You make aske them to put them in raid but i think they will charge you for that.

    3. I dont think it will make any bigger diffrens.

    4. Paying with paypal it takes from 24h to 2 weeks depending on server and spec.

    Debian latest is 4.0.

    And if you wants to upgrade to a gbit they will sharge you setupfee somthing around 90-100 Euro i think.

    I would have order a 100/100 server with good hardware if you are going to upgrade to gbit later.

    Maby put some more ram in the server.

    ps.... sry for my bad spelling :S

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    though i just add some things....

    1. you will get 2 times separate nic with 2 different connection and 2 different IP.
    so not exactly 200Mbit...

    2. True as Andra said, you can ask them to do it for you when you order, but they will charge you for it.

    3. I would say Core 2 duo is better, but not much diffrence.

    4. It's absolutely not months in setup time, it is just as andra said, most cases 1 week wait time.

    5. as said above, it's the latest debian.

    6. If you want to upgrade to 1Gbit they will charge you 25euro per month and 99euro in setup fee.

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    I'd like to add few too

    2. if you ask them to set Raid for you in order page they will not charge you!
    but don't' think it will makes any difference

    3. Intel is the best compatible with all

    4. true as AnesZverotic said it takes no more than 1 working week top
    depending what you did requested in order page.

    5. It depends to what package you have
    If you will order some inlet server now and will ask to upgrade it to Gbit one in one month or so you will pay just difference,
    but if you have old server and will ask for upgrade they will charge you fulls setup fee.
    so before the new packages will come up they will still charge you for a difference, when the new package will comes up then you will pay full setup fee without monthly fee.

    I had old serve 577 adn paid full setup fee some like 79 euro to upgrade to 577-3
    and new one 577-1 upgraded to 774Gbit and payd just some difference between packages.

    6. If you want to upgrade to 1Gbit they will charge you 25euro per month and 99euro in setup fee.
    if you are existing Good customer they do reduce that price to 50 euro setup for servers which are not coming with gbit connection
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    thanks for all of the replies. i'm still confused on one thing. the 2x100mbit. do i open 2 rTorrent clients? can i seed at 100mbit on TrackerA and 100mbit on TrackerB at the same time?

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    You can setup each NIC card with its own IP address. Then you can specify a different outgoing port (the 2nd IP), and that should give you 100Mbps download and 100Mbps concurrently. The problem is the tracker will see you are using two IPs, which I'm not sure how it's handled and permissible by trackers.

    Or what you say works too, with 2 instances of rTorrent, each uses a NIC card.

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    Do they actually charge everyone tax regardless of where you live? (Something to the extent of ~ 19% tax)

    Can anyone confirm? Those who have boxes with hosting-ie... I still find it somewhat absurd paying that much tax, on top of the set up fee.
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    yes they charge u i guess, few of the hosts dont charge vat for non europeans but hosting ie charges u for every single thing..

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    cool. i have one final question. for those with 100mbit hosting-ie dedi's, what is your average dl/upload speed on trackers like ScT?

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    Well,you can max it out, but remember some people have a 1 gig line too.
    So If you get one setup rss and your ratio will be ok.

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