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Thread: what about this?

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    tell me what do you think about this dedicated server
    and wtf is Tier 1 Network with 50,000 Mbit Connectivity? u have that connection only on that specific locations ?
    i should try it as my next seedbox?

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    It's seems to be the avaible bandwidth over the UK's network, not to the rest of Europe or USA. You can see it on their website:

    I think you sould read more information about this hosting service.

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    Unmetered bandwidth

    Because we have a tier one network, your WebFusion dedicated server really will come with unlimited bandwidth. You can use as much as you like.
    There are no limits, no throttling and no excess charges. So your costs are predictable and visitors to your website stay happy.

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    i don't get it. what's the speed there?

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    last time i checked there its 10mbit box

    email them and ask ?


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