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Thread: New ratio rules at

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    Dear users, from friday, then old ratio rules will no longer apply, from now on we will only fokus on Hit'n'Run.

    It will still be a must to seed 1:1 or in 72 hours, but you donít have to keep our ratio over 0.700 anymore, in case of none leechers, but you have to follow our HitíníRun rules and we will watching this closely.
    If you fail to do this, followed will happened:

    1st HitíníRun: 2 weeks warning.
    2nd HitíníRun: 2 weeks warning + you will lose your download rights.
    3rd HitíníRun: You will be disabled + IP banned in bad cases.

    You will not get your download privileges back automatic, but if you loosed them, you can when your warning is over, reply to this topic.

    You will no longer be apply to see your ratio, but your download and upload statistics will still be visible, because we know some users will like to how much they have downloaded and uploaded.

    It is now legal to stop seeding (shutdown your computer) in the period between 22.00 Ė 08.00 but remember: you must seed 72 hours totally to avoid HitíníRun.

    This will only run in a test period, and if this is being abused, we will go back to the old rules. Its your choise!

    Best regards, Staff

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    " It is now legal to stop seeding "

    It's Piracy, WTF's LEGAL about that ?

    Anyway, EliteBits's for nonces .

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    Legal to stop seeding?! This is laughable. You either have strict seeding rules or none at all. Anything different will just cause problems and angry users.

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    Hahaha!!glad we know whats legal
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