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Thread: booting problem

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    I have a dual boot problem in my system. Mine is core to due, 2 GB ram... DG 33 MB, and I am using Win XP sp2,, the problem is I install the XP in c drive and later I installed Vista in the D drive but I am fed up with vista and I format the d drive. After format, I restart the system.But while booting still it's show vista and XP to how to remove the vista line. plz help guys.

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    Restart your computer with the XP cd in the drive, if you don't you will be prompted to pick an operating system. Once into setup, choose repair console.

    A DOS prompt appears, and type the following:
    *this will essentially separate XP and Vista

    *this will check that Vista is no longer present and put the XP boot.ini loader back in place.

    Restart and Vista is history.

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    tnx i wii try this method tell u k..

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    hey its not working could u please tel me is there any another method..its still showing both boot lines..


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