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Thread: Spotify

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    Now that I have and use Spotify I think I'd be hugely disappointing if it ever went into legal trouble or I somehow lost my account. See I don't have enough harddrive space on my laptop to hold my music collection, so I've got to leave it in an external hardrive at home. Spotify is such a great space saver when I'm on the go, or when you only want to listen to a certain song or preview an album. Although I can't find everything I search for, it's still impressivive for the short time since it's been launched.

    I'm sure there are a few lucky FST members who've already had a chance to check out this service. What do you guys think of it so far?

    [discuss, don't ask for invites and no it's not bittorrent related]

    EDIT: I currently have a few invites for Spotify. Feel free to pm me if you'd like to check out this service.
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    This service is amazing as we think the sound quality of songs.Okay,I cant find also everything that I look,but almost I find most.

    I hope that,the archive will go better and better.I dont think it will have a legal issue.

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    I'm not sure what the legality of Spotify is, but unless they know of some loophole or are paying the record companies money, then it's probably illegal. Spotify indeed is a very good service. Honestly, Spotify has made me consider signing up for a music subscription service (ZunePass) if Spotify were to fall. Having a boatload of songs at your fingertips is a super convience.
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    Spotify pretty much is the best thing in a while. Airfoil, Airport Express and Spotify, My living room fills with sound.

    Legal or illegal? It seems they will be paying fees via a subscription service at some point. So we shall see.
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    I'd like to say that this soft is kinda revolution. Listening HQ audio and sharing playlists with my fellas ... it's awesome. Also, the iTunes-like graphical interface is a jewel. I really like that !

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    I wanna try Spotify

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    It's a really great service, you can't find everything, but is good enough for my musical taste

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