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Thread: No To Tcpa

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    ---Boycott the TCPA!----

    TCPA stands for the Trusted Computing Platform Alliance, an initiative led by Intel. Their stated goal is `a new computing platform for the next century that will provide for improved trust in the PC platform.' Palladium is software that Microsoft says it plans to incorporate in future versions of Windows; it will build on the TCPA hardware, and will add some extra features.

    TCPA / Palladium will make it much harder for you to run unlicensed software. Pirate software can be detected and deleted remotely. It will also make it easier for people to rent software rather than buying it; and if you stop paying the rent, then NOT ONLY DOES THE SOFTWARE STOP WORKING BUT SO MAY THE FILES IT CREATED. For years, Bill Gates has dreamed of finding a way to make the Chinese pay for software: Palladium could be the answer to his prayer. THE TCPA IS A FAR MORE DIRE THREAT TO FILESHARING THAN THE RIAA AND MPAA COMBINED!

    What YOU can do:

    --> Visit

    --> Go to My Kazaa (or My Kazaa Lite K++, depending on your version). Select any software you might have and right-click on them. When the context menu pops up, select "Edit Details..." At the More Options Properties dialog box, click on the "More" tab, and in the description box, paste this message in.

    --> Go to the search section of Kazaa and click on "Software." Search for a popular app, such as Photoshop, and send this message to the users sharing the app.

    --> Share the TCPA text file.

    File: TCPA.txt
    Length: 42005 Bytes, 41KB
    UUHash: =NPwKw7cJ8gttgl8ndozbfepb//8=

    --> IM other users about this and request that they share this message with others.

    This is a serious problem for the future! Visit the site NOW

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    Duplicte thread; closed.

    Look in the filesharing v. copyright holders area.


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