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Thread: Best way to download music?

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    Best way to download music?
    Include lossless

    Torrent? eMule? which?

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    See below
    Torrent is by far best.

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    Emule is great for complete discography.
    I don't know good tracker for that.

  4. File Sharing   -   #4 i prefer what. and in terms of lossless, yeah those 2 torrents sites i mentioned will definitely be better than the unpoliced, unregulated bitrate of lossy content that you'll find on emule.

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    torrents sites like what and waffles are real good.

    does anyone know how newsgroups are for music? are v2, v0, flac available?

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    I use Emule

  7. File Sharing   -   #7 for lossless the have 'Waffle Iron' which lets you know that the rip is 100% exact audio copy.

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    If you are experienced and willing to share, is by far the best. Brilliant site, expertly managed, and the content is second to none.

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    Unfortunately, bittorrent is by far the best method for lossless music. If you get into a site like Pedro's, you wont have to worry if what you're downloading has been properly ripped. The site has crazy quality standards.

    If you're not picky enough, and don't need a log and all that, then newsgroups does have a lot of lossless. I usually look there if Pedro's doesn't have the album I'm looking for. Then if newsgroups doesn't have the album in FLAC, then I resort to What or Waffles.

    If all you're wanting is mp3's, then Soulseek will suffice if you're not intersted in bittorrent. You can find pretty much all that you want on soulseek, in various bitrates.

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    waffles is the best when it is in free leech mood .
    you can grab all flac albums you need ..

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