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Thread: Any AltBinz users here?

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    If you are using AltBinz 27 or 28 , can you please check the Newzleech search function. I have upgraded to 28 but previously (2 days ago) 27 stopped anything from Newzleech, so I upgraded and it does not work with 28 either?? I used to work and quite efficiently. I believe it is only having problems in Altbinz.
    Thanks in advance.
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    thanks anyhow.

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    I dont use alt.binz but you can ask in the newzleech forum someone there may be able to help you.

    or the alt.binz forum
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    Using Alt.Binz 0.28.3 here and the search function for Newzleech works fine. I mainly use NL SS though since I have Newsleecher with SuperSearch.
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    Yeah 0.28.3 works....get it off usenet

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    OK Thanks for the info and links.


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