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Thread: Piracy Leads to Less Crap says BitTorrent Co-founder

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    "Ashwin Navin, former president and co-founder of BitTorrent Inc. has left the company after four years. Thus far, the company hasn’t been a great success, but the BitTorrent protocol is more alive than ever. Now he can talk more freely, we ask Ashwin about his view on the future of BitTorrent, piracy and online media."

    "Navin, who stays involved with BitTorrent as a board member, will start a new venture with a couple of friends including YouTube’s Steve Chen. Their goal is to support new tech startups in the San Fransisco area, and provide them with office space where they can work on their ideas.

    His position as president of BitTorrent never held Navin back much. With quotes such as “iTunes DRM Inspires People to Pirate Content,” he was very clear about his attitude towards digital rights management for example. Still, he often found himself in an awkward position, where he had to please the average BitTorrent user, but also the big Hollywood studios."

    Source: Full Article @ TorrentFreak

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    I'll just keep using bittorent for HDbits and, simply because of regulation of content quality. As long as the content's of higher quality than other methods of filesharing, I'll stick with it.

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    athenaesword , which are the lower quality "methods of filesharing" you implying..?

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    Quote Originally Posted by daemOn View Post
    athenaesword , which are the lower quality "methods of filesharing" you implying..?
    id guess rapidshare , megaupload etc , because they have a lot of downfalls such as rapidshare free users cant download anything at once tbh also u cant nuke a rapidshare file if its infected or not working


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