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Thread: Obama to preside over White House 2.0

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    WASHINGTON (AFP) - "Get ready for White House 2.0. That's what many are expecting when President-Elect Barack Obama becomes President Obama in January and puts the power of his unprecedented Internet operation to work in the Oval Office.

    Obama relied heavily on the Web for his victory over John McCain -- from organizing volunteers to fundraising to communicating -- and expectations are high he will turn to the Internet again to further his White House agenda.

    "A lot of people are speculating," said Julie Germany, director of George Washington University's Institute for Politics Democracy & the Internet. "Will an Obama administration use its vast back-end system, its database, all of the online communities it developed, to actually mobilize advocacy?"

    "It could, for example, email or text message or call people who live in certain districts to get them to lobby their senators and congressmen on issues that the Obama administration cares about," she said.

    Micah Sifry, co-founder of, a blog about politics and the Web, thinks it will -- or at least try."

    Source: Full Article @ Yahoo! Tech
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    very interesting...time will uncover obama's plans,about his popularity online and how he's gonna use it on his will.


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