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Thread: MGM first to post full-length features to YouTube

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    "Metro-Goldwyn Mayer Studios, better known as MGM, will be the first major movie studio to post full-length feature films on YouTube, according to a published report."

    CNET News reported on Thursday that YouTube was preparing to launch a feature-film service after spending months smoothing over fractured relationships in Hollywood.

    MGM will likely not be the last studio to post full-length feature films on YouTube, according to an industry source. Last summer, Lionsgate announced a partnership with YouTube, but that deal calls for the studio to offer only short from films and TV shows. MGM will also post TV shows on YouTube, according to a story in The New York Times which reported the MGM deal on Sunday.

    For Google, YouTube's parent company, the deal is a turning point in its relationship with Hollywood. There was lots of distrust and bitter feelings in entertainment circles after the way Google dealt with copyright infringement on its site. But that was when Google was in the driver's seat. Back then, thousands of YouTube's users would post clips from TV shows and films on the site and YouTube executives told the studios they were powerless to prevent it--all the while YouTube amassed an enormous following."

    Source: Full Article @ C|NET
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    wonder what they want to achieve by that ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by tyn624 View Post
    wonder what they want to achieve by that ?
    They are going to sell ads within the movie just like on free TV. Perhaps you will be able to buy an ad-free account for YouTube.

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    YouTube sucks now

    They keep deleting all the good videos so the big companies can have their low quality copies of the same videos get all the views and have ads all over them. I guess if anyone cares about uncensored vids and high quality DVD/HD rips they will find them elsewhere. These companies keep encouraging piracy.

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    Does anyone here actually use you tube?
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    i dont usually except for videos only there..why they want to do it in blurry streaming..if they get high quality stream..nice..let them stay there n not to come to divx/h.264 streaming...




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