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Thread: Create rips with setup.bat files

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    I see a lot of recent games that r ripped to 1.7 GB,
    When u dl them there is a files called setup.bat, it will start extracting and after ~30 mins u have a full 6 GB game!

    Is it hard to do teh same thing?
    Any tutorial?!

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    never seen that before. There's probably an executable in the same folder, what's its name?

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    I never tried it my self but what i know is that You can highly compress a file using WinUHA it is based on UHARC compression algo.

    PS:- If you are referring to skullptura releases than I dont exactly know what he uses but i m pretty sure that he used 7z in final product and dreamcast for audio,video dont know

    And that setup.bat file is coded by him.You wont find exact final product anywhere.
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