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Thread: Powerblaster?

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    Ok I keep getting popup messenger type adds and i started to look around a little and i think it might be powerblaster... But I can't find out how to get rid of it,were its at, or how it evn got on my computer... I've scaned for viriis, used ad-aware, and spy bot search and destroy.... How can I get rid of these annoying popups here a link that will give u an idea of what im talking about. but u shouldn't have to pay to stop these!

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    That is diabolical, selling a program to do something so easy.

    Right-click on 'my computer', go to 'manage'.

    Go to 'services and applications'-->'services'.

    Scroll down until you see 'messenger' - right click this and select 'properties'.

    Click the button to stop the service, then set the startup state to 'disabled'.

    Close all windows, no more popups.

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    Thanx... that worked


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