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Thread: Getting A Little Wifi

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    Ok, I have dial-up where I live, and we can't get any kind of high-speed connection(cable,dsl,Adsl, ect.)..Probably could get satellite, but that's not as efficiant and costs like 100 bucks a month. So my question it, if I get a wifi card for my comp, and just happen to drive past a house where somone with a wifi network and pick it up. Will I be charged, or will I be sharing his connection. I have aol, and if I select another connection to sign on with, It charges me. So I'm guessing I could IE, but will it cost anything?

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    no... it wouldnt cost you a thing.. but not all wireless networks are accesible. find out if there are any &#39;hotspots&#39; in your city or town that offer free wireless internet.
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    If broadband is unavailable in your area, where are you planning to tap into a wireless broadband network?
    Hopefully, if they&#39;ve got a wireless network, they&#39;ve either got a domain, or mac filtering, or other security means
    in place to prevent outside access to their LAN.

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    almost off topic but have you tweaked the settings yet??

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    Originally posted by justin89@8 September 2003 - 01:09
    Will I be charged ... ?
    If you are caught, you will almost certainly be charged - by the police. It is classed as theft (of electricity), people have been jailed for this offence.
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    Damn that sucks. I got another plan. I&#39;ll bring my laptop to school, and plug it into the T1, and just let KaZaA run all day.


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