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Thread: Load Balancing with Usenet

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    Hi, I have 2 WAN connections right now, a 6mb/768kb Adsl line and a 8mb/512kb cable line. I've been trying to figure out a way to combine both lines to increase speeds on multi-connection downloads/uploads, primarily bt and usenet. I'd rather not invest in a dual wan port router since I won't have both connections for too long.

    So far I added a couple registry values that I found on this site
    and was able to get my upload speed to combine in utorrent. I am currently uploading at 140-160 kB/s. I was also able to get it to use both adapters for downloading, although not at the full speed, only about 1.2mB/s. It is definitely using both adapters as shown in these screenshots.

    Upload -
    Download -

    Now, in Usenet I have access to 3 servers with a total of 12 connections. However when I start downloading it only uses one of the adapters.. I'm assuming it uses whichever adapter Windows assigns as primary/preferred.
    I've tried Newsleecher, Grabit, Altbinz, and Newsreactor and they all seem to use only one of the adapters, and I can't find any settings that binds it to an ip/adapter.

    Would I have to make a routing table pointing 1 of the usenet servers to one internal ip and the other usenet servers to the other internal ip? Any other suggestions?

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    I was thinking of doing this myself, and the only way i thought of doing it was using Vmware and have a card assigned to each vmware client.

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    I was able to get this working today with help from quade at the newsbin forums. All that was needed was to specify routes between each adapter/gateway to each newsserver.

    ex. route add <server 1 ip> <router 1 ip> /p
    route add <server 2 ip> <router 2 ip> /p

    and this is what I get now with usenet downloads


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