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Thread: [Req] BCG

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    I'm not the most active member of these forums... but if you see my rep and posts that I am NOT a trader and occasionally do some decent giveaways.

    I used to be a member of BCG. Unfortunately a period of inactivity led to my account being pruned. I would like to rejoin this tracker if at all possible, as it is the best place to get games.

    I hold active accounts in good standing at several well respected trackers.

    BitMeTV VIP
    Iplay Power User
    DVDClub Fierce Trader Power User

    I do not have a hosted seedbox, but I do have a good home connection and a PC dedicated to seeding torrents. Here is my home connection speedtest as well as the stats from my dedicated seedbox.

    The stats here don't reflect how much I have really seeded, but instead how much I've given since my last upgrade of utorrent (about 2 months).

    Thanks for your time.

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    i believe it won't be very hard for you to get invited...


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