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Thread: jeremy hof wins Canadian painting competition

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    jeremy hof and his painting ‘layer painting red’, 2008

    the winner of the tenth RBC canadian painting competition was announced earlier this fall. the award went to
    vancouver based artist jeremy hof, taking home the 25,000 CAD grand prize. amanda reeves of oakville and
    wil murray of montreal were revealed as honourable mentions, each netting 15,000 CAD. the other 12
    semi-finalists won 7,500 CAD each. the work of all 15 finalists has now begun its national public tour.
    the next stop on the tour is toronto, where the exhibit will be mounted at the power plant gallery from
    november 11 - 23, 2008. jeremy hof was commended by the judges for his mathematical approach to painting.

    sorry, but i had to.

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    He's no Escher by the looks of that thing behind him.

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    That thing behind him isn't the art. It's his hair.

    Fuck sake, wot a crusty fucker. I can smell him from here.

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    Canada please look up "art" in the 21 Century.

    Rasta dude, do you have an feelings that your life is somehow not quite in balance?

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    “I want to see painting evolve as well into areas maybe that aren’t familiar,” says Hof.

    “I want to try and create alternatives for paintings that will spawn new ideas or different understanding of what a painting can be. I personally don’t believe a painting just has to be paint applied with a brush on a piece of canvas.”

    Referring to his works as hybrids, Hof sought to combine minimalist sculpture with pop art in his RBC-winning piece, “Layer Painting Red.” A fresh take on painting, the piece is a thick panel made up of layers and layers of paint and plaster. The inner workings of the painting are exposed using a router.


    Seriously we do seem to have a problem. In 1989 the National Gallery of Canada created a minor controversy when it spent $2 million to acquire The Voice of Fire.
    Spoiler: Show

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    The dutch bought a similar painting from the same artist Barnett Newman ``Who's afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue'

    He was teh big shiz at the time.

    -for a similarly ridiculous price

    -it caused a lot of protest

    -Dutch painter Gerard Jan van Bladeren walked into the museum with a Stanley knife and completely slashed open the canvas. (spent six months in jail)

    -the museum hired the New York based restorer Daniel Goldreyer to repair the painting for the hefty sum of $800,000.

    -(some of the critics say any amateur could have done as well with a few hours' work and a pot of paint.)

    -The museum refused to pay for the restoration job since he had done a bad job

    -Then restorer filed a $125 million suit against the City of Amsterdam and the Stedelijk Museum, claiming that his reputation was damaged.

    -The Stedelijk Museum in turn filed a $7 million damages suit against the restorer.

    -Ten years later, both law suits were settled through the payment of $100,000 by the City of Amsterdam to the restorer (and an agreement not to further discuss the restoration or the legal case).
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