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Thread: My First Time Experience With NewsGroups

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    Well it's not as difficult as it first appeared, but I'm very unimpressed by the speeds I've been getting. I am using Astraweb's 1 Mbit $10 a month account. It took me about 40 or 45 minutes to download 300 megs. I never went over 125 k/bs. I'll keep at it though. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong. At least it was a consistent speed. If I had been downloading a torrent with very low seeds, it would have taken much longer. Then again it would have been much quicker if I downloaded 300 megs using Rapidshare.

    What were your first experiences with Newsgroups like?
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    I think the first mistake you made was to go with Astraweb's 1Mbit for $10/mth plan instead of the $11/Mth for unlimited speed plan.

    See the Banner ad at the top of this page.

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    But shouldn't I get more than 125 kbs? I thought I'd be getting way up there in speed.
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    1mbit = 128 kbytes
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    Ah!!!! Ha! I was thinking of gigs. Shame on me.
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    Personally I think it is a shame the NSP have to resort to such silly means to hook a punter. Usenet IMHO should max your connection out. I think providers actually damage usenets reputation. Especially when it has to contend with the likes of noob friendly rapidhare.

    Stick with usenet son learn to love it. I did and I have a premium RS account also. Best of both if I had to choose I would ditch the RS but we all are individuals.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Windy72 View Post
    Personally I think it is a shame the NSP have to resort to such silly means to hook a punter.
    not really, some people actually want that speed.... most people who use usent are a little versed with file size to download speed ratios

    Quote Originally Posted by Herrick View Post
    I am using Astraweb's 1 Mbit $10 a month account.

    1mb is the speed....
    1 kilobyte = 0.0009765625 megabyte

    u are looking for the unlimited acc. message astraweb's customer service im sure they can help u switch over to the unlimited acc
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    What are you kidding me? Didn't you see the banner above - $11 for unlimited speed


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