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Thread: [Req] Ipod/Iphone video format Tracker

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    My home system is kinda screwed up and i am not planning to upgrade it for some time now .. I used to convert all the stuff that i need on my own but due to the above mentioned problemm i need some site that would give me this stuff(specifically video for iphone 2g and ipod 30gb) ..
    I knw bitmeTV is there but am looking for some other site for this stuff ..
    If u knw of any tracker specializing in this do let me knw ..
    If there isnt a tracker for this then pls point me to some other relevant sources for the same
    Any sort of proofs will be provided when required ..

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    Syncthebits currently has open signup, see if that has what you need.
    (Mobile tracker - open for 24 hours)


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