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Thread: Movie Files And Sharing

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    I'm new here but First of ALL I just want to say that I LOVE this site!
    I get the feeling that most adminstrators who run this site are voluntary....THANKS!
    I would also like to note my personal feelings towards the
    FIAA and what they are imposing is unfair, etc. Most of the downloads here are for only personal
    use, not much different from recording on a cassette or VHS machine for your own personal library.. I don't understand what the big hoo haa is really about.

    Second, I do have a question about filesharing regarding movie files. They are
    pretty huge and at times I can only leave one or two FULL movies in my shared folder for a few days, then I burn it onto a cd before downloading another leaving it in my shared folder again for a few days, so on and so on. So at least I have ONE always in my shared folder. What I'm worried about is sometimes I see notes within the description from users to "please share" but I'm not sure for how long. I know this site is basically here for those to share files, but I can't have too many movie files in my shared folder at once. It takes up a tremendous amout of space, so is leaving just one in there for a day or two ok, or should the same movie be there for longer periods of time? I don't want to "insult" the user I downloaded from.

    Yeah, I know....I have a tendancy to blaaaaab... puting it short and sweet... what is the proper courteous protocol of time to leave a movie within your shared folder?


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    if you don't have the disk space you just don't have it. there's no need to inconvience yourself. thanks for caring. most of us with lots of movies or a few have them there because we have the disk space.

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    Like slick nick said, just share them for as long as you can. If its a new movie that has tons of sources, make sure thats the first to be unshared. Try to keep up rare movies for as long as you can.
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    I have bout a 128k upload which is about 16kBs but it get&#39;s up to 18 cause it&#39;s tweaked but anyway It takes about 12hrs to share to get a completed copy out on bittorrent It should be about the same on kazaa but just to be safe I leave I would leave it on a whole day. Also, my hard drives are small as well I have two with about 2gigs each but I make it work.


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